Awesome Managers Take Nice Long Vacations

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 6.40.00 PMIf you manage a team you need to take time off once in a while and let your team members be in charge. Yes, I’m talking nice long vacations several times per year. If you don’t do it you’ll very likely end up with an inefficient business run by discontent people. And that sucks for everyone.

The problem is that a team that isn’t regularly stretched a bit won’t have a good understanding of it’s own weaknesses or strengths. Which means that potential is lost in every single person sitting around doing what they always do without getting a shot at more responsibility. It also means that some day when something really breaks it will likely be a much bigger problem. First, because any problems have been allowed to sit and fester for that much longer. And second, because the team has no experience putting out small fires and finding work-arounds.

So bottom line, take one for the team and go sit on a beach for a while.


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