What Can a CEO Learn From Customer Success?

“What people love about the product and why some people decide not to buy it after trying. That allows marketing and sales to figure out who to sell to. Next is what do people want in the product that we didn’t consider. That allows product to build features to get more customers.”

Chris Bennett, CEO Soldsie

CEOs are the glue of companies. They’re what connects all the moving parts of a company and attempt to keep them moving in the same direction. Often that also requires them to be the janitor, receptionist, cleaner, and therapist as well as strategist and master of vision. That is especially so in young companies where it’s not just the different teams in a company that are in the process of defining themselves but the company itself. Who should we be selling to? What should we be building (or not)? How do we get more customers? And how do we keep the ones we have?

Those are all questions support/customer success/account management teams need to help answer.

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