I Want to Make a Book

I have this urge that keeps popping up once in a while – I’d love to self-publish a book. The motivation for wanting to do that is pretty terrible. It’s mostly because I’m fascinated by all the tools available to create and self-publish books. Things like Leanpub. Along those same lines I also really want to start an e-commerce store selling something I can drop-ship because I desperately want to try using Shipwire (warehouse as a service).

Still, every once in a while I come across something cool that I would like to see in print because I just think it would make for a cool book. The latest I came across are the photographs made by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii. A Russian photographer who made very early color photographs of the last years of Tsarist Russia before the First World War. The images are amazing! And they’re all available online through the Library of Congress. There are a few books available with his photographs but it would be fun to make one with my own selection.


20016v 21886v


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