What Can Support Do for the Rest of Your Company?

userchamp_teamsSupport teams sit on a goldmine of information that can help other teams. Information coming straight from users with all the rich and messy context that brings. But colleagues in other teams are not necessarily aware of that and often need to be shown how support conversations and support teams can help them achieve their goals.

The product team is the obvious one to start with for most support teams. Passing on bug reports and feature requests is a natural extension of the conversation support teams have with customers every day. What is less obvious is how hungry sales and marketing teams are for the kind of information support teams can provide. Getting insight into where users see the biggest value in a product and how they describe that value is extremely useful for teams working to identify and attract new customers.

Have you talked to your colleagues in sales and marketing about how support conversations can help them achieve their goals? What information is most useful to them?


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