Catching up


Photo credit: markmullert on flicker. See the full set of photos at Note: these photos aren’t of our van, but of same model and much cleaner van

Hey, it’s been a long time! What have you been up to?

Well, Playpen Labs has recently expanded to a remote office. The office is still under renovation.

Read: We bought a 1986 Dodge xplorer from craigslist. A month later, the shit is still in the shop. But we’re not complaining, because we still haven’t figured out where we’re going to park the thing in San Francisco yet.


Diyah’s research in the agriculture science and food industry is going really well.

Read: She’s been going to a lot of farmer markets and visting restaurants, eating a lot of good food, and calling it research for her food tech startup.

tumblr_inline_mo37wnjo8W1qz4rgpMorten’s acquired some new equipment for the manufacturing department. 

Read: Morten purchased a 3D printer.

He’s also decided to join Playpen Labs in a fulltime role.

Read: He’s shit crazy like Diyah. Quit his job at Google, and is now joining Diyah in Fun-Employment.

tumblr_inline_mo3865ajMB1qz4rgpOh, and our publishing dept has released its first book.

Read: No, we really did write a book. We’re not complete fuck-offs.


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