Looking for Fearless UX Designers?


These past few months I’ve been teaching the full time UX design program at General Assembly. A ten week intensive boot camp for people changing careers into UX design. People quitting jobs, moving cities/countries, paying $$ – going all in.


No one masters a new career in ten weeks, but you can get a pretty damn good start. And it’s a fact that any of these guys is better prepared for the work they are going to go do than I was 10 years ago after having spent 5 years learning much of the same stuff.
They went from blank slate to completing a UX project for a client company in ten weeks. So if you’re interested in hiring practical problem-solvers who have added UX design skills on top of their previous work/life experience let me know. They have no fear of diving head first into new challenges – they’re used to it at this point.



One comment

  1. Ray

    Thanks for highlighting our particular class, Morten. I would also say that the level of expertise and professionalism that you brought made a HELL of a difference for all of us.

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